Custom design solutions

Our engineers will design unique custom solutions to meet your needs.

Easy-to-use and pre-assembled partitions

Thanks to our specific locking mechanism, we manufacture fully assembled and locked partitions that are the reliable and user-friendly solution for your application, whether you use automatic or manual packaging lines.

Flexible production capacities

We carry short lead times with low minimum orders and with no die cost.

Customized inventory management programs

Multiple packaging options

You have the choice between several packaging options: poly-strapped or rubber banded bundles, poly bags and more! In order to avoid damages and dust, we pack our products in boxes orpallet-size containers.

Sustainable development

At Premier Packaging Products we are committed to the environment. Our partitions are the eco-friendly packaging solution since they are fully biodegradable and recyclable. Our manufacturing process is green and we collect and recycle our entire waste.